FARCARIBE welcome Ronaldinho Gaucho

FARCARIBE welcomed Ronaldinho Gaucho to Costa Rica, August 2017.

FARCARIBE’s Founder & President, Rogelio Douglas, and Board Advisor, Mauricio Ortiz, a Costa Rica national basketball star 1978 till 1990, had the pleasure of welcoming Ronaldinho Gaucho to Costa Rica on his retirement tour.

Ronaldinho began to clearly demonstrate at the age of 13 an outstanding soccer/football talent and matured into a world-class player and a leader on the Brazilian national team winning the 2002 World Cup, he later was voted the Best Player of the World in 2004 and 2005. At the end of the 2016 – 2017 Brazilian professional soccer season Ronaldinho officially retired at the age of 36.

FARCARIBE had the pleasure of conversing with Ronaldinho and his delegation about the “FARCARIBE Academy” in development in Limón and extended an invitation to have a team from one of his academies participate in our 2018 international youth tournament schedule.

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